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Live LASIK Surgery with WAAF’s Mike Hsu

WAAF radio personality Mike Hsu is undergoing live All-Laser LASIK surgery with Dr. Strecker. Mike is extremely nearsighted so before LASIK surgery he cannot read the clock on the wall without his glasses but seconds after LASIK surgery Mike is able to read the clock with a slight blur. The morning after surgery Mike is able to see 20/10 each eye without glasses (supervision or vision better than 20/20). The actual surgical time is 10 minutes per eye and involves two different state-of-the-art lasers. The Intralase femtosecond laser gently creates a very precise, uniform corneal flap using tiny spots of laser light. The corneal flap is raised and then the Allegretto Wave excimer laser reshapes the underlying corneal tissue. The flap is laid back down where it self adheres without sutures.

WAAF’s Mike Hsu 15 Minutes after LASIK

WAAF radio personality Mike Hsu speaks about his LASIK experience 15 minutes after having LASIK surgery with Dr. Strecker.  Mike who had extreme nearsightedness says, “the results are amazing”  after reading the wall clock  for the first time as he literally gets up from the LASIK table.  Mike says how comfortable he felt with Dr. Strecker and his staff.  “They really take the time to explain every little detail of  everything  they are going to be doing.”   Mike states that any fears he had before surgery were allayed by  all the information shared by Dr. Strecker and his staff.  Mike says,” knowledge is power” and encourages viewers to contact  Strecker Eye Center to learn more about this “amazing” surgical procedure.

Mike Hsu on WAAF

WAAF radio personality Mike Hsu talks on air about his own LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Strecker.  Before having LASIK Mike was legally blind without his glasses but the first day after his LASIK surgery Mike’s vision was 20/10  (supervision or better than 20/20) without his glasses or contact lenses.  Mike describes his new vision as “awesome” and encourages his listeners to learn more about LASIK  at Strecker Eye Center by checking us out on the web @